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Picture Books:


Larrikin House (2020)

Illustrated by Jesus Lopez

Not being able to see yourself in the mirror stinks…but not as much as putrid breath.

When poor Vlad’s breath smells worse than death his best friends help him find a way to manage the smell and keep his teeth sparkling clean.


Scholastic Australia (2021)

Illustrated by James Hart

A parade, a parade, an Easter Hat Parade. Hear the adoring cries!
The sun is out, the stands are full, who will win first prize?

The animals have planned a Grand Easter Hat Parade; what could possibly go wrong?


Larrikin House (2021)

Illustrated by Jesus Lopez

Everyone’s favourite smelly-breathed vampire is back with another dilemma, but this time it’s a matter of the heart.

Peggy-Sue is new to Monster School and Vlad is smitten. Frank and Keith are not much help as they are in love too!

Will the crew find the courage to talk to their crushes? Romance is undead in this sweet and funny love story.


Scholastic Australia (2021)

Illustrated by Shane McG

There were pirates in the paperbacks, a bear in fantasy.
Then I saw a smiling cat, staring straight at me.

Why are all these books characters on the loose? They need to get back in their books!

Roary The LionBUY

Larrikin House (2021)

Illustrated by Pat Corrigan

All Lions roar, right? Not Roary and he’s supposed to be the King of the Jungle! Try as he might, poor Roary has trouble finding his voice.

Can his friends help him find his bellow or will he be left with a tiny squeak?

Monster School RulesBUY

Scholastic Australia (2022)

Illustrated by Carla Martell

Welcome to Monster School! Yes, it’s quite a sight. Listen up, cause there are rules: the first one is… don’t bite!

Sebastian Stands OutBUY

Scholastic Australia (2023)

Illustrated by Sofya Karmazina

Sebastian chameleon is always being squished, squashed and stepped on because he blends in. After the gazillionth time, he has had enough! Can Sebastian change his chameleon ways and finally stand out?

Book Week BearBUY

Scholastic Australia (2023)

Illustrated by Ruth-Mary Smith

Claire’s costume was amazing, she had hair and teeth and claws. Plus, there was the smell of fish coming from her jaws! Claire’s bear costume has a lot of flair… almost enough to give everyone a scare! But is it enough to win first prize in the Book Week parade?

Scholastic Australia – title coming October 2023

Affirm Press – Coming 2024

Scholastic Australia – Coming 2024

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